DEALER AND ARTIST LIVE! Written by shadocon on October 29, 2017

Dealers are currently live and tomorrow the Artist Block will also be live!

Check out our new artist table setup and grab your artist table before they are all gone. This year we are also giving artists a complimentary badge with each table purchase.


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  • Emily A. Dame says:

    Do artists need a business license and if there are two people buying one booth at the artist block is there another artist pass provided? Also, what is the difference between a dealer and an artist?

    • shadocon says:

      Artist do not need a business license to sell there art work and wares. Artist tables come with 1 pass an additional pass can be purchased at the lowest tier weekend pass price. The difference with artist and dealers are that dealers can choose to sell merchandise that they personally don’t make and there own personal merchandise/artwork. Artist can only sell there own artwork or created merch. Dealers also need a business license to sell.