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Please welcome Joshua Seth!

Please give a warm welcome to Joshua Seth! He will be joining our Retro Shado line-up! Joshua will also be performing his Hypnosis Show Friday night at 8:00pm. Be sure not to miss this show. No extra ticket purchase will be required to view this show.


Joshua Seth is an internationally acclaimed entertainer, speaker, author, and voice over actor.

As a headline entertainer, he’s won awards from Hollywoodʼs famed Magic Castle and was nominated as “Best Male Entertainer” and “Best Live Variety Show” by Campus Activities Magazine for his mind-blowing mystery entertainment.

He’s starred in four of his own prime-time TV specials in Japan and South Korea, and performed at over 2,000 events in over 30 countries, making him a real life International Man of Mystery.

As a speaker and author, he’s published three books on personal improvement, peek performance, and stress management and spoken at hundreds of events for Fortune 500 companies and on college campuses.

And as one of Hollywood’s top voice actors Joshua has given life to hundreds of commercials, thousands of promos, and over 65 TV series and feature films. Audiences will recognize Joshua as the starring role of “Tai” on the hit TV show and Movie “Digimon”, as various voices on Spongebob Squarepants, the announcer on The Batman, and the title role in the critically acclaimed anime movie Akira, to name a few.

Joshua Seth trained as a performing artist at New York University’s “Tisch School of the Arts” in NYC. He lives on an island on the Gulf coast of Florida with his wife and two children and enjoys paddle boarding with dolphins when not on tour.

Please Welcome Noah Antwiler (SPOONY)!

I would love to welcome a new guest to the ShadoCon line-up, Mr. Noah Antwiler or as most of you know him, Spoony of The Spoony Experiment!

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Noah Antwiler is the award-winning creator and host of “The Spoony Experiment,” an online review show about screaming at everything that drives him absolutely crazy: Final Fantasy, Phantasmagoria, Reb Brown, RPGs, the Ultima videogames, and much more. He’s also the Lord of Tekken, a mad scientist, a former president of the United States, and an extradimensional Avatar sent to save this world from evil invading gods. Mainly he talks about Highlander and Dune a lot, and he’s still not beyond Thunderdome.

Visit his official website here: http://spoonyexperiment.com/

Returning Guests!

All these guest will be returning to ShadoCon for an other fantastic year!

Please welcome back Nexus Gaming, Omega AV, aniRage, The Crazy Random Happenstance, The Pleasure Pixels, Dookieshed, and Natewantstobattle!

Initially launched into the gaming scene in 2010, Nexus Gaming Alliance (NGA) evolved themselves into a national gaming phenomenon in 2012. They attend more than 30 shows a year, and debuted a whole new focus in 2013, which is when they incorporated into a non-profit organization. The focus of the non-profit is to bring education through video gaming and social events around the country. Since then, Nexus Gaming Alliance (NGA) has put together more than 20 hours of programming and continues to create exciting content. In 2014 the group continued to tour nationwide, acquiring fans from all across the globe, while starting reviews of games, movies and restaurants.


Omega AV is a Central Florida based production company specializing in event lighting & sound, and mobile DJ solutions (wedding receptions, company parties, school dances, etc.). New to the market but backed by professionals with over 30 years combined experience they intend to blow the roof off of Shadocon’s shows and raves.


If something strange is in the neighborhood, you call the Ghostbusters. If you got a problem, Vanilla Ice can solve it. But if you want top quality improv and sketch comedy blended with a passion for all things nerd, you turn to aniRAGE. From their marquee “Whose Line is it aniRAGE” to their wide variety of clip shows, game shows, and more, you can count on aniRAGE to bring the laughs no matter the cost. Since 2007, Zeke, Kerby, Dashi, and Miroku have brought you the best comedy shows you can handle. Bring your friends and come find out what all the fuss is about, if you can find a seat that is!


 CRH is a Shadow Cast Performance Group. The Crazy Random Happenstance has performed at many locations throughout Florida!
Their show are very interactive, much like the Rocky Horror Picture Show: The LIVE shadow cast acts out the movie in front of the screen while everyone in the audience is not only allowed but ENCOURAGED to sing-along and shout random callback lines throughout the show. For those that don’t know what to say, the cast will provide FREE suggestions in the form of an audience participation script. 


The Pleasure Pixels is a burlesque troupe formed in 2011. They’ve performed all over the state since then. They’re currently the 2 time burlesque troupe of the year as crowned by Pinup America. Getting their start at Shadocon 4 years ago they’re happy to be back. From the same group that brought you last years Puella Dystopia Magica we’re ready to blow your mind, and leave you wanting every pixel revealed!

PleasurePixAVA copy

In his short time on YouTube, Hunter Hughes, aka Dookieshed, has managed to threaten over 200,000 viewers to subscribe to his channel about Pokémon, Mega Man, and video games in general.
He presents his top 10 lists, game reviews, and voiceover videos in a way that’s hilarious, informative, and sometimes a little insane.
He has also been known to accidentally film his videos in his underwear.
Dookieshed is one half of the comedy gaming duo Nate and Dookie, where he is accompanied by the talented NateWantsToBattle.


Nathan makes music videos all about the realm of nerd-dom and half of the ridiculous duo known as Nate and Dookie.
From rewriting popular songs to be about video games, to unique covers of classic video game tracks, to performing anime openings in English.
If you like music, video games or anime, he’s got stuff you’ll probably enjoy.





Thank you!

Thank you all for making ShadoCon 2014 an event to remember! Thank you for being awe inspiring, for being talented, for being friendly and caring, for just being YOU!
I know we have the most wonderful if not the best community in the world – you all make the months of work worth it. We enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up in all the
fabulous cosplays, seeing smiling faces and making new friends in the community. This community really is like a family. It is a home, a place where people can be
accepted for who they are without question. I am proud to be a part of this community, without a doubt, and I personally vow to keep ShadoCon going for ever!

Also, for those of you who missed the announcement. ShadoCon next year will be taking place once again at Innisbrook Resort, and it will be held on November 6-8, 2015. Next year’s theme is RETRO!

Hope to see you all there!

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